Thursday, 31 August 2017

Zoo (Check This Out!)

Kia ora blog world!

On Tuesday the senior syndicate went to Auckland Zoo. We went to the zoo so we can learn about native birds. We saw lots of amazing animals along the way like tigers, red pandas, meerkats and other animals. The senior syndicate was amazed and there minds were blown when they saw the kea. The kea is a very smart bird. I'm not saying as smart as a 4 year old. As smart as you. Kea's can open cans with there beaks and solve puzzles. But before we went to the kea we saw the whio. You might recongnize the whio from the 10 dollar note. Sadly we didn't get to see it because it was camouflaged. After that we went to the kea then we ate our morning tea. The rest of the day we explored the zoo. There was a lot of crazy animals we saw. Like baboons. With there red bottoms that looked like giant m&m's. After all of that cool stuff we went back on the bus and I felt sleepy.

Overall the zoo was awesome and I would love to visit again!

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  1. Hi Joseph

    I really like your writing about going to the zoo. Somthing else you can put in your writing is when you went to the zoo and how you got there in bus or car. could you please take out the random t in the sentence.

    Blog ya later