Thursday, 31 August 2017

Zoo (Check This Out!)

Kia ora blog world!

On Tuesday the senior syndicate went to Auckland Zoo. We went to the zoo so we can learn about native birds. We saw lots of amazing animals along the way like tigers, red pandas, meerkats and other animals. The senior syndicate was amazed and there minds were blown when they saw the kea. The kea is a very smart bird. I'm not saying as smart as a 4 year old. As smart as you. Kea's can open cans with there beaks and solve puzzles. But before we went to the kea we saw the whio. You might recongnize the whio from the 10 dollar note. Sadly we didn't get to see it because it was camouflaged. After that we went to the kea then we ate our morning tea. The rest of the day we explored the zoo. There was a lot of crazy animals we saw. Like baboons. With there red bottoms that looked like giant m&m's. After all of that cool stuff we went back on the bus and I felt sleepy.

Overall the zoo was awesome and I would love to visit again!

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Chicken Reflection

Hi blog world,
sadly our chicks have been taken to a farm to grow. But I know that I might eat one of the chicks when i'm 26 or 36 I don't know. Enough of that this blog post is reflecting on the things I learnt about chicks like I didn't know that the thin skin between the shell and egg white was called a membrane. There are also things I learnt about incubators that they can be used by other animals like lizard eggs. Also I didn't know that incubators have arms to flip the eggs. I also learnt about the chicken life cycle. It was really easy, it was as easy as breathing. The only hard thing I found while we had the chicks was trying to hold them. You thought they were gonna runaway.

Well i'm gonna end it here before I actually want to eat chicken. I'm thinking of KFC

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Blog Comments

Hello Blog World, Today I have made a slide on a how to have a good blog comment. As you can see an acronym I made to remember this it is AROHA.

Address yourself
Respect the things the person did well
Observe the things the person did wrong
Have a question
Say Adios and leave you blog link

If you would like to use this acronym it would be an honor. The hardest part of this activity is finding the synonyms for the words, I used an online thesaurus but it wasn't the words I was looking for. The easiest part is the screen shots for slide 3. I used my screen shots from my Tuhia Mai Tuhia Atu.

Overall everything was fun and I look forward to more things like this.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017


Today I went to toolkits. If you were there you would notice me as this guy:    

Well I was one of the presenters. I did the incredibox toolkits in session one. Presenting was hard and I was pretty nervous. It was really challenging trying to grab the attention of the students and next time I have a catchy song to play so they would listen. I really enjoyed the gaming with gamefroot workshop. If you don't know already gamefroot is a website where you get to code your own game. Overall toolkits were great but there wouldn't be toolkits if there weren't teacher and parent helpers. 

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Camp 2017!

Hello Blog World!
Last week we went to camp. The name of the camp was MERC. MERC stands for Marine, Education, Recreation, Center. This camp was located in Long Bay. We stayed there for three days. It was an awesome and I wanted to go again. One of my favorite activities was going to the rock pools. We found lots of kina, chiton and other sea creatures. I found a little fish called the Cling Fish. Lots of my friends found rare creatures like fish and an octopus. Overall I think camp was the best. I suggest it to anyone who like adventuring.