Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Hello Blog World!
This digital badge is named Fast Fingers Badge! Feel free to try and do this badge and tell me how hard it is. All you have to do is complete 50+ words on any typing site!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Commenting Ninja

Hello Blog World!
This is a short post. But I think I should be a Commenting Ninja. I know that I'm already Chromebook ninja but think of it. You done? Yup I just read your mind it would be cool because it would be like a ninja who two styles of kung fu or karate. If you think I'm not up for the job here is a picture that would persuade you.
Do you think I'm ready?
There the badge!

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Friday, 17 March 2017

The Grateful Crane

In Hansen Class we have been learning on summarizing. I've summarized this text called 'The Grateful Crane'. This book is a Chinese folk tale. Please enjoy the story!

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By Joseph 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chromebook Ninja

Hi Guys,
This is kind of like a speech. So there's this Chromebook ninja badges which will make you or me and official Chromebook ninja. If you want to be a Chromebook ninja here's the link. So I think I can be a Chromebook ninja because I know the basic shortcut keys.

1.Ctrl+C= Copy
3.Ctrl+Shift+T= You getting the previous tab back
4.Ctrl+T= Get another tab

I think these are the main shortcuts you need to know including Ctrl+H= History. Also I can type really fast and navigate drive really fast. Last but not least, I can be a leader for others. I've done this before. E.g i'm a school councilor helping our principle and vice principle make decisions, and just to add I've helped lots of people.Also i'm a great problem solver. That's all and yeah that's why I've got what it takes to be a Chromebook ninja.

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By Joseph 

How to take care of your chromebook

Hello Guys!
Long time no see. So I've created this short video on how to take care of your Chromebook. It shows different ways to keep your Chromebook safe. Nothing was that hard on making this. So here is the link

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