Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Kia ora,
Today we have learn how to do positive meme about commenting here is my one.


  1. Kia ora Joseph,
    That a really nice image but I have one or two question?
    How did the sword fish come to life?
    If your commenting on a blog it must be a positive comment.

    From Siliuasi

  2. Ni Hao Joseph,
    that was a really good reminder, it remind me of
    knowledge is having the right answer.
    Intelligence is asking the right question.
    It also reminded me that every time I comment on someone's blog, I need to add a question.
    What does a positive meme remind you of? And why?


  3. Kia Ora Joseph
    Cool blog post about Remembering to ask Question when commenting on blogs. Its really cool and I love it to because its cool so keep on blogging until you leave Hay Park School. Keep up the Great work

    From Hati in Mccahon Class