Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Cybersmart: Smart Learner

Hello Blog World,
How is your holiday? Well today I have made a Flipgrid and a question. If you don't know what a flip grid it is like padlet but you use a video to explain the question. What I would like you to do is answer my question and watch my video. Thank you and have a good term!

My Question:

My video tell what to do if your best friend ask for your password:


  1. Hey there Joseph,
    It is Zaria I have just read your blog post it was so amazing when you did your video! It think it doesn't make sense when you are saying if you don't know what flip gram ... I think you could fix it up, even when you are saying my video tell what to do. Either then that this blog post was amazing.

    Did you have fun making the video?

    From Zaria

  2. Kia ora Joseph
    Thank you I had a great holiday. I would not start the flame war because I could get banned and not be able to chat.
    Blog you later