Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chromebook Ninja

Hi Guys,
This is kind of like a speech. So there's this Chromebook ninja badges which will make you or me and official Chromebook ninja. If you want to be a Chromebook ninja here's the link. So I think I can be a Chromebook ninja because I know the basic shortcut keys.

1.Ctrl+C= Copy
3.Ctrl+Shift+T= You getting the previous tab back
4.Ctrl+T= Get another tab

I think these are the main shortcuts you need to know including Ctrl+H= History. Also I can type really fast and navigate drive really fast. Last but not least, I can be a leader for others. I've done this before. E.g i'm a school councilor helping our principle and vice principle make decisions, and just to add I've helped lots of people.Also i'm a great problem solver. That's all and yeah that's why I've got what it takes to be a Chromebook ninja.

Blog you later!
By Joseph 


  1. Kia ora Joseph,
    Congratulations on attaining your Chromebook Ninja digital badge! I am very impressed with the post you have written alongside your badge. It's great to see that you have labelled your post also! You are certainly a chromebook ninja and I imagine working your way towards some blogging badges too! It's fantastic that you are able to support others. I wonder who will be the next to get their digital badge like you! Did you find the process of downloading your badge and adding to your blog easy? Were the steps good to follow?

  2. Thank You Tania!
    Thanks for commenting and adding the badge was easy.

    Kind Regards
    Joseph Chavez

  3. Hey JC,

    I'm so proud to have been part of you being the FIRST Ako Hiko student to achieve a badge. Great leadership. I really look forward to seeing them grow and will make sure they are well advertised. If you would like a PNG image (invisible background), grab the badge by opening it from the badging page ( and THEN copying or downloading.

    Great job with this. So impressed!


    1. Thanks Mr Hopkins!
      I wouldn't have had the badge without you teaching us to comment and how to be safe on the internet. The things you teach us will be very helpful to the next generation.

      Kind Regards

  4. I've done some coding in the background so your fonts and comments can now be seen- there's now an extra option in the advanced section of the customise menu. Hope it's okay.