Thursday, 23 June 2016

Where Have I Been?

Hello Bloggers, This is a word cloud for where I have been and the speech bubbles, are questions. I have been learning about this so I can keep a minimum of non-learning activities. The hard part is trying to highlight behind 24 hours. And I learned that the most thing I'm searching is google because it the biggest, that means that I have searched it the most. Google comes up because it is in the address on sites, mail and drive, the places I visit most in my learning.

First we had we had to open history. Then after that we had to highlight the 24 hours behind the present time. We opened word cloud and pasted it and, created this word cloud.

Here is a video, keep in mind that this isn't my video and I do not own this.

From seeing my word cloud I was surprised that Google was the factor that I visited the most. I thought Sumdog would come up as a more visited sight.

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  1. Nice video and but you should like give more interesting words and put more key words