Thursday, 20 October 2016

Where am I from?

Hello Blog world,
This is my classrooms map on where they were born or where they have come from. I was born in the Philippines, Lucena. I hope you like it. Feel free for some feed back. Also zoom out.

How far have some students traveled from their place of birth to reach HPS?

Why do people make the choice to move to different countries?

How many people have parents born overseas?

Is this a trend in NZ society? What does the media tell us?

1. The longest distance for a person who was born for another country in our class was Genete her one was 14.432 km. My one was exactly 7.900 km.

2. So they can see new things and also some people move to get better school for there children.

3. More than 40.

4.Yes because in our class there is more people from other countries.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Super Sentences!

Kia ora blog world,This is steps to make a super sentences. This thing that was really hard to do was drop in chunks. I hope you like and blog you later!

My Super Sentence Link!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cyber Bullying

Kamusta Blog World,
I know cyber bullying is getting very serious. I created this cyber smart task card I hope you enjoy. Please post what you think about cyber bullying in the comment section below :)


My Answers: 1. I would ask a teacher that it wasn't me or ask a person who I know then find the person who got my password.2. Maybe because it was some sort of revenge or a joke they wanted to play on the person.3. I would go tell a teacher.4. A teacher or someone you trust