Thursday, 12 May 2016

To Langham Village School

This is a letter to Lovely Langham Village School.

Kia Ora Students of Langham Village School,
New Zealand is a great place to explore because there are huge mountains and volcanoes. Thankfully they’re extinct! The air smells a lot like grass. There are a lots of sports you can participate in for example Rugby, Soccer ,or Football, Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Cricket, Surf lifesaving and Basketball.

 When it's Christmas it's summer and there is no snow it's hot. Also there are hot water beaches that are extremely hot because of the thermal activity.

  Maori first discovered New Zealand in the 13th century and then the Europeans arrived in the mid 18th century, it is very recent.

Maori People are resilient and extremely nice because they teach us about their culture and maori words we don’t even know!

Overall New Zealand is a great place to because there are mountains and lots of sports to participate in.

By Joseph C

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