Monday, 28 August 2017

Chicken Reflection

Hi blog world,
sadly our chicks have been taken to a farm to grow. But I know that I might eat one of the chicks when i'm 26 or 36 I don't know. Enough of that this blog post is reflecting on the things I learnt about chicks like I didn't know that the thin skin between the shell and egg white was called a membrane. There are also things I learnt about incubators that they can be used by other animals like lizard eggs. Also I didn't know that incubators have arms to flip the eggs. I also learnt about the chicken life cycle. It was really easy, it was as easy as breathing. The only hard thing I found while we had the chicks was trying to hold them. You thought they were gonna runaway.

Well i'm gonna end it here before I actually want to eat chicken. I'm thinking of KFC

Blog you later!

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