Thursday, 18 February 2016

Smart decision

Has anyone sent a bad email to you well you came to the right place because here are some strategies to solve the problem.The red is what I would do tell me what would you do if some send you a bad email.

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    This is an awesome problem solving flow chart. I have been working on a problem solving flow chart for the Hay Park Way and you have given me the idea to colour code it.

    If someone sent me an inappropriate email I would do these two things
    1. forward it to my teacher or an adult I trust
    2. go to the teacher or adult and have a conversation about the next step. Should I block them or could I make a screencastify that explains what an appropriate email is and share it with the class?

    Quick tip for future posts - before you post to your blog, read your post out loud and check that you have punctuation in the correct places.

    (Add a question mark here in your first line 'Has anyone sent a bad email to you?)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Miss Fortes